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so i got to meet jontron this weekend.

it wasn’t anything crazy; so many people at con bravo were there to see him too. the organizers had to really minimize the time fans got to spend with him so that everyone got a chance. that’s cool, i totally get that. it was still nice to get to chat with him briefly.

when i approached him i had a game (space ace) and a copy of an illustration i did. he said hi and asked if i was at his panel, which i replied with a yes as i handed him my illustration. he looked at it for a moment and asked me if i wanted him to sign it.

"you don’t have to if it makes you uncomfortable." i said. "i also have a game with me and-"

"oh wow, it’s a game grumps drawing! i only saw adventure time at first." he said. "this is really good. do you have any more?"

i riffled through my bag and pulled out another print as well as a copy of my grumpy animal crossing print. jon laughed and pointed at the jon-bird. “you’re really talented.”

i just smiled like an idiot. “uh, thanks.” he quickly signed my game and postcard, and i got a quick snap with him. walking away, i turned and shouted, “thanks for visiting us in canada!”

"you canadians are so polite."

thanks jon, for being so awesome.

The Master Sword




Quick sketch of WiiU Link cuz I love his stupid face and stupid ponytail and stupid everything. Might color it.

i just realized baby bobby hill is wearing the exact same clothes what the fuck




wow the fifty shades of grey movie looks intense


Lmaooo omg